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We guarantee the highest quality workmanship in the metal fabrication industry, established in 20 years of experience
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Light gauge metal fabrication

Our mission is to be the quality leader, service leader, production leader and value-added leader in all areas of light gauge metal supply and fabrication, custom or standard applications. We will provide a variety of solutions to the construction/roofing community and the corporate or individual world. We will support our customers by providing the most diverse choice of quality products and services that they require to complete projects


our vision

Our VISION at Metro Metal Supply is to become a partner with you to accomplish all of your goals and complete your projects on time and within your budget. Always working together as a team and managing all aspects from start to finish with your vision in mind.

We have a wide variety of light gauge metal solutions and products to fit your needs as a premier Denver Metal Fabricator company for over 15 years

featured projects Denver


Retail Shopping Center Restaurant Tower with Light Gauge Panels


Church Steeple made with custom copper panels to fit


Custom Fascia - Metal Building Wrap complete with design and fab


Copper Panels custom fit to this church and additional trim pieces

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